Слава Україні - “Slava Ukrayini”

Brent, a successful American entrepreneur, was living and working in the Ukraine when the Russians invaded in February 2022.
But Brent decided to stay and help where he could, and distribute funds to needy residents, victims and refugees in Kyiv and Ukraine.

Here are his war entries. You can donate here:

Monday 7 August 2023

Kherson Saxophone, Kyiv missiles, Skate, Hairless Cat, ....

Ukrainians never quit. The Saxophone man plays over a flooded Kherson while Shahid drones float over Kyiv (sounds like a lawnmower), Ukrainian anti-missile defense continues to work, a biker meets a rocket launch, blood on the field with Timurlane, a Ukrainian beauty with a gun, wounded soldier with hairless lovely soft cat, the skate hill in Kyiv, dance dance dance Maidan….you can bomb but you never defeat us.

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