Слава Україні - “Slava Ukrayini”

Brent, a successful American entrepreneur, was living and working in the Ukraine when the Russians invaded in February 2022.
But Brent decided to stay and help where he could, and distribute funds to needy residents, victims and refugees in Kyiv and Ukraine.

Here are his war entries. You can donate here:

Wednesday 23 March 2022

Russian-style Wakeup Call

Transcript: Well, that's the Russian wake up call, its about 6am. in Kyiv. Trying to get outside the city a little bit today, maybe back towards the front line... see what I can find. Sounds like the Russians are not just stalled, but our boys are pushing them back into places. Let's get the Polish troops in here to cut them off from behind ASAP. It's going to happen ... Nato or Polish troops or someone is going to come in, stand up and be a man.. and help the Ukrainians. They've got the Russians to stand still.... we just need a little push and the Russians will fall apart...

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