Слава Україні - “Slava Ukrayini”

Brent, a successful American entrepreneur, was living and working in the Ukraine when the Russians invaded in February 2022.
But Brent decided to stay and help where he could, and distribute funds to needy residents, victims and refugees in Kyiv and Ukraine.

Here are his war entries. You can donate here:

Monday 28 March 2022

Keep the Speace at border crossing

Polish border crossing with Ukraine look closely at the sign "please keep the "speace"....pretty much sums it up doesn't it? keep the space and keep the peace, Russia'

Outstanding Polish effort


All provided free to refugees!

Sunday 27 March 2022

Lviv - March 27

Take it easy Broh

I love the street art "take it easy bro" that sums it up totally as I was headed for the train station. 

My favorite dreadlocked trooper on our block. These guys have beards long hair short hair gray hair it doesn't matter all of them can fight. 🙂

Luxury car locked at border

Maybach, locked at the Ukrainian/Polish border waiting for some resolution to possibly cross...

Saturday 26 March 2022

Monks need love too...and RPG training!

 Monks need love too...and RPG training, Ukraine... All I want for Christmas is an RPG

Thursday 24 March 2022

Russian Tank Taken Out

Entering Irpin

Cycling to the Front

March 24 Morning Report

Good Morning America, it's the morning report from Kyiv. March 24. 

It was a very quiet night. My guys are on the corner 
I want to show you this very beautiful .view 
I don't think that we can actually see the moon there, yeah there it is.
Very quiet night but look at the cars, there are more cars on the street.
Yesterday. a bunch of coffee shops and cafes were open, with people sitting outside.
A lot more pedestrians and drivers, unfortunately drivers, and I think there are more people coming back into  Kyiv.
And I think I'll try to go to Urpin today. The report is that the Ukrainians took back Urpin so I'll try and get there by bike and see what is going on there.


The first beautiful spring day in Kiev to ride short-sleeved.

First Spring Ride 20kms North of Kyiv

Wednesday 23 March 2022

Welcome to Ukraine

Russian-style Wakeup Call

Transcript: Well, that's the Russian wake up call, its about 6am. in Kyiv. Trying to get outside the city a little bit today, maybe back towards the front line... see what I can find. Sounds like the Russians are not just stalled, but our boys are pushing them back into places. Let's get the Polish troops in here to cut them off from behind ASAP. It's going to happen ... Nato or Polish troops or someone is going to come in, stand up and be a man.. and help the Ukrainians. They've got the Russians to stand still.... we just need a little push and the Russians will fall apart...

Sunday 20 March 2022


 A sous chef and server at a Pizza Sushi 33 restaurant until late February, Kateryna Hryshchenko (not her real name), 23, was also a champion bodybuilder and former basketball point guard. She reported for duties...

Architecture of Kyiv

The architecture of this European city is fantastic...



Baby carriage station at Kyiv Central Station

The baby carriage station at Kyiv Central Station. Look at the architecture. Lisa Kerridge's mum's left a baby carriage behind but any incoming mum can pick up.

Children mothers and fathers still live here...


Saturday 19 March 2022

Ukraine flag in tulips

 Tulips laid out in a in a giant Ukrainian flag shape in front of Sofia church from the 12th century

SHARE Free beds for refugees

 These two young people, Avi Schiffmann and Marco Burstein, students at Harvard, in just three days have developed and launched the website, a website in 12 languages where Ukrainian refugees fleeing war can immediately find hosts with free rooms, apartments unused in resorts, big or small cities or school dorms.

Pass this information to other Ukrainians, who are now in European countries and not only, but also to those who would like to be a host to these people in need.

Thursday 17 March 2022

Don't bomb Lviv please!

Bombproof maternity ward

Maternity underground Ukrainian style....

Ukraine Art Everywhere

In lovely historic Ukraine you can pick any City, town and sometimes village and you find the most astounding artwork, statues, interesting park benches, beautiful buildings & old old really interesting sites 


5:55 AM · Mar 17, 2022

Maidan Square

From Wikipedia: Maidan Nezalezhnosti, or "Independence Square". Since the start of Ukraine's independence movement in 1990, the square has been the traditional place for political rallies, including four large-scale radical protest campaigns: the 1990 student "Revolution on Granite", the 2001 "Ukraine without Kuchma", the 2004 Orange Revolution, and the 2013–14 Euromaidan. Maidan (as it is known) is also a regular site for non-political displays and events; however, since 2014, most of them were moved to Sofiyivska Square or elsewhere, because entertainment on a place where people were killed during Euromaidan was considered inappropriate.

70km from Kyiv

St. George's Church (Георгіївська церква) was a wooden Orthodox church in the village of Zavorychi, bombed by the Russians on 7 March 2022. The Bastards....

Tuesday 15 March 2022

Lovely Lviv...for now....

Lviv needs defending, all of Ukraine needs defending.... BadpapaKyiv is on the case!

Fuck You Russian Battleship
F*** ви російський лінкор

I need ammunition not a ride
Мені потрібні боєприпаси, а не їзда

1974 Kharkiv Bicycle

This dude is rocking in Lutsk that's a 1974 Kharkiv made bicycle he's riding damn close to the Alpine steel bike that I've ridden we must be brothers. Kharkiv made or mix some of the best bikes in Ukraine.

35 hour curfew in Kyiv

Kyiv fortress hunkers down 35 hour curfew..  

Warning to the Russian invaders

Ukrainian stop the Russians just Northeast of Kiev

Some Words of Wisdom for Biden/NATO

Ukrainians Living in the Metro
(All photos - Living in the Kyiv Ukrainian Metro)

Villages & families burn. Where are NATO troops?  Who stops Poland and the Baltics from inserting peace-keeping troops into Western Ukraine? Where are the jets?  Deploy the Patriot air defense system in Ukraine TODAY.  The entire world better get boots on the ground in Ukraine today because tomorrow may be too late.

IN one week Ukraine has fortified the entire country, every Street, most intersections, every tiny little village entrance ...they're cutting down trees for lines of fire. They cut down trees to block roads, built barricades & encampments everywhere. Kyiv is an armed fortress. The Ukrainians are adaptable, innovative and tough.  The Russians are in deep trouble. We can have Putin out of power in 60 days with a little help from the Oligarchs and NATO.  But NOT if Washington continues to sit timidly on its' thumbs. 

All the soldiers in full combat gear are transported by city buses, trucks, troop transports or even in their private cars going to and from the battlefield.  Every means of transport is used now.  I saw a soldier in full combat gear in a Range Rover with an AK47. Who with a Ranger Rover goes willingly to the front to possibly die? A Ukrainian. Tractor trailers with one side ripped out are transporting tank traps to key locations. All the locals are feeding the soldiers constantly.  They're going to get fat.  I came to my local checkpoint with food and they refused, telling me grandma and grandpa gave them too much food already. I watched amazed as two guys on Maidan; Kyiv central, stacked sand bags they transported by grocery cart. The Ukrainians deserve our support.    

On Monday; March 7, I biked 93k from Kyiv to Fastiv to get footage of war crimes and then drove across the western half of the country; 550 kilometers, Tuesday (thanks VW Caddy and crazy Ukrainian driver Sasha).  I've seen, heard, smelt and felt the entire western half of the country. I've seen the Ukrainian will and the fortifications in every town, village and city.  It's incredible to see the 100% effort by ALL Ukrainians to repel the Russians. How many Ukrainians will we watch die first?
"When you see teachers making Molotov cocktails that's a lesson in patriotism." 
"When 40-year old rich IT CEO's line up for AK47's and voluntary service on the front lines your potential is unstoppable"

The USA sent 6000 troops to Poland isn't that like the Emperor sending 6000 spectators to the Coliseum?  It's a great spectacle but how does that help the Gladiators against the Lions? If your neighbor's house is on fire do you run to the property line and set out tea and crumpets? I don't think so. The women and children are screaming and burning inside. You cross that border and you save those women and children if you are a MAN.
With support we can beat the Petite Putin.

Putin is going to lie soon anyways and say the Americans are in the war.  Why again wait for him?  Put NATO/UN peace-keeping troops NOW around Lviv to create a humanitarian corridor to help the 100,000's of weeping cowering terrified children, grandparents and women get safely out of Ukraine.  At times Lviv and it's region was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire or part of Poland so ironically Poland can claim Putin is killing Poles and thus Poland has to protect Poles; like Putin taking Donbas in 2014 and claiming Ukraine was killing Russians in Donbas right?

The western leadership and Biden are talking about maintaining a "Delicate Balance" while Ukrainians continue to die daily under the bombs of Putins aggression. Close the airspace.  Our fly boys are ready and willing.  They train their whole life for this RIGHTEOUS CAUSE.  This is a pure war of good vs evil.   

March 4, 2022:  "NATO is not a party to the conflict in Ukraine and does not seek war with Russia,"" NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.  REALLY SHALL WE JUST CALL Soltenberg Neville Chamberlain redux 1938?

March 7, 2022: "I can't speak to a timeline, but I can just tell you that we're looking at it very, very actively," Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken said during a trip that has taken him to Moldova, another non-NATO country that American officials fear may be next on Russian President Vladimir V. Putin's hit list of nations to bring back into Moscow's sphere of influence.  Mr Antony "Blinked" Blinken BY THE TIME YOU FIGURE THIS OUT YOU MAY BE GIVING THE JETS TO THE RUSSIANS IN UKRAINE. Get your ass in gear…

Time is screaming past us.  Ukrainians continue to DIE.  President Gitanas Nauseda of Lithuania: "Putin will not stop in Ukraine if he will not be stopped."

So you're concerned about a nuclear armed Russia. How did that strategy work for Neville Chamberlain in 1938 against Hitler?  How will it work when Putin takes Ukraine and stations 100,000's of Russian troops against the borders of Poland, Moldova and Slovakia for more "training exercises"?  What then?
Waiting to see if Putin can grab the largest country in Europe, resource rich with 40 million educated and underpaid hard-working folks seems like shooting ourselves in the foot. If he gobbles up Ukraine do you think his Christmas list stops there? I'll bet the Baltic countries are having this conversation amongst themselves privately. This is likely the most Righteous war Americans could get involved in since I was born in 1958 and until I die, hopefully not biking on a Ukrainian road right?

The question resonating around the White House is: "Tell me how we don't get sucked into a superpower conflict."  
White House Doves are trying to walk a fine line in a fast dirty war.  It's not going to work.  WE ALREADY ARE IN A SUPERPOWER CONFLICT.  We have the strongest most expensive military in the world and we only use it against smaller powers.  Why?  When Russia steps up to gobble up a strategic nation; the largest in Europe, we suddenly get cold feet.   Who's scared?  You have got to start acting staunchly and boldly like the Ukrainians.  You have to get ahead of Putin and ACT not REACT.   To REACT is weak.  This is a War Crime and we as Americans who forever export Freedom and Democracy only have two choices.  Get peace-keeping boots on the ground and win OR stand aside and watch while Russia potentially gobbles up Ukraine and re-writes it's next Christmas list to include Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Moldova.  Protect Lviv NOW with peace-keeping troops and creating a no-fly/no-go humanitarian zone.  

And Thank You to the entire world for the armaments, supplies and continued increasing sanctions.  SPECIAL THANKS TO Gen. Christopher G. Cavoli, with his special cell in Rzeszow, Poland FOR managing rocket fast deliveries of the torrent of weapons and equipment of rocket launchers from the Dutch, Javelins from the Estonians, Stinger surface-to-air missiles from the Germans, Poles and Latvians, and machine guns and sniper rifles from the Czechs.

The suffering of the Ukrainian people is tremendous, but the will of their soul limitless, like the sunflowers and blue sky......

Monday 14 March 2022

Gandhi in Kyiv

Mahatma sends a message today for all of us from the botanical gardens


I don't know why the soldiers at the checkpoints in Ukraine are suspicious of me I'm wearing a Press jacket and it's an official Pearl Izumi. And it's not a knockoff....

Sunday 13 March 2022

From Air Raids in Kyiv to coffee in Lviv

From air raid sirens and bombs in Kyiv to quiet open cafes restaurants
& a fine macchiato with a pear tart in lovely Old Town Lviv...crazy
world. Just spent a lovely evening with a couple who fled her Kharkiv
a few days ago with a suitcase & left all their worldly possessions

Shopping in Lviv

Grocery shopping Lviv style
Lucky there is still food on the shelves.

Bottom Bracket Fixed

Cobran by Anton fixed my loose bottom bracket & chainring in 5-minutes. My triathlon race bike, due to the road conditions is now a gravel bike. Sweet service in Lviv, Ukraine  

Saturday 12 March 2022

You don't leave your friends


On the road with Brent

My bike can outrun a Russian Tank, but let's hope we never need to put that to the test....

War style romantic proposal....


Wedding Bells War Zone Ukrainian style; The Ukrainians chant "Sour" "Sour" "Sour" because the two should kiss and make it sweet

Tank Tow


...captured Russian tank towed by a Ukrainian tractor, is that a John Deere?

Protecting Ukrainian heritage

Don't Sandbag me!
The Ukrainians don't just protect their official buildings and blockade their streets they protect their deep and long cultural heritage. Who the heck takes the time to sandbag statues? The Ukrainians that's who. I think this is Odessa.

Ukraine Cervello P2.5

Exclusive Ukraine only new gravel bike by Cervello P2.5...... it's a joke for the bike folks. Lifesaver for me.

Friday 11 March 2022

Humour in the army...

The Ukrainian Military not only has sartorial splendor but a very good sense of humour

Beautiful villages

Fastiv, a town only a small distance from Kyiv, Ukraine...BMW, Mercedes; service anyone?  The beauty and craftsmanship of the Ukrainian village...

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Old Town Lviv

From air raid sirens and bombs in Kyiv to quiet open cafes restaurants & a fine macchiato with a pear tart in lovely Old Town Lviv...crazy world. Just spent a lovely evening with a couple who fled her Kharkiv a few days ago with a suitcase & left all their worldly possessions behind.

Civilian War Kit

My Civilian War Kit:
  • felt insulated waterproof camo boots, 
  • Mad bomber down jacket rolls up into a pocket, 
  • Mad Bomber wool hat, toilet kit, axe for chopping up wood for fires or if needed to open a door to get food and shelter, 
  • a bag of protein bars which weighs too much, water filtration system maybe the most important thing, freeze dried packs of food 2 meals each, 
  • mad bomber sable hat for cold nights sleeping out, 
  • a balaclava, 
  • heavy gloves for biking, 
  • light gloves for biking, 
  • fingerless gloves for shooting/digging a hole to  hide in, 
  • heavy insulated biking pants 
  • two pairs of wool socks, 
  • two underwear, 
  • thick long johns, 
  • a heavy thinsulate lined Aparso jacket from Rudolph in Fuzhou, China. 
  • The Syndicate heavy sweater from a Kyiv brand 
  • and two Craft long-sleeve bike shirts, 
  • one USA nationals triathlon t-shirt,  
  • a book & reading glasses, 
  • a power bank, 
  • a yellow bike jacket by Pearl izumi with press written on the back (we'll see where that gets me), 
  • Russian hunting knife, 
  • 5 lighters, 
  • the Cervello tri bike no helmet.  
  • And luxury... I actually brought a pair of black jeans so I have two pants to choose from for my sartorial Elegance, 
  • a bike repair kit with a pump 
  • and the most important: an SOF signed Ukrainian flag, of course 
  • charging cords, 
  • a computer, 
  • a cell phone, 
  • all my credit cards,  passport, my ID for Ukraine, 
  • some candy bars for kids or when I get tired, 
  • ironically face masks which nobody uses anymore 
  • and very important a Listerine pocketpaks breath freshener. 
Two days ago I scored $6 vinyl 100-percent pure petrochemical boots with fake sheepskin lining. This will be my everyday dress shoes for now.... I love them

Of course All this fits into the small Ironman bag even though I only did half ironmans which apparently makes me half a man but that's still headed in the right direction isn't it?


I brought a very small bag from Kyiv (see above) with just 2 pairs of socks, 2 underwear & the one pair of camo hi-top felt Boots & mostly food and water filter and axe and knife in case I had to sleep out.  

With two pairs of boots I'm clearly living the high life...

You don't leave your friends